Yuneec Backwards Compatible Cameras Not To Be

We as longtime Yuneec supporters figure the only way to be heard is as a whole so we come together hoping Yuneec will listen to our needs.

When we purchased our Typhoon H 480's we were promised backwards compatibility on future technologies such as the camera. With the exception of the CGOET nothing has been offered to us.

We all must agree that the CGO3+ was a less than perfect camera for a more than adequate flight system. We have been anxiously awaiting a better camera while we support our favorite flight system.

With recent admissions from Yuneec top brass that this simply was not coming with the release of the E50 and E90 we have to be heard.

We wanted our systems to have the compatibilty promised.

Many of us planned on purchasing the H520 and having the ability to choose which platform and which camera. Additionally alot have planned on purchasing the camera to add to the H480.

Limiting the E50 and E90 to only H520 will just limit sales.