9M: Urgent demand to fix last update!

Dear 9M, dear developers, 

Please take note that the recent update proved to be fatal and made the game almost unplayable.  

The reaction of the community is unanimous disappointment, in fact many of us are seriously considering to retire and uninstall the game or have already done so. For the better of all and in order to avoid  an exodus and massive loss of players/customers, we urgently demand immediate emergency measures to fix this situation!

He most important issues to fix are:

1. The extremely slow and underperformant gameplay as the current performance is simply insufficient.

2. Reset established A6 players back to 2201 points Arena score to avoid mass matching with A4 and A5.

The general reset to 1800  pts is ridiculous and ruining everybody's game experience in arena for a multitude of obvious reasons. 

This petition is proof for the most serious concerns of your customers and urgent demand for your immediate support! 

Chris "Wurstkopf" Sparadis    Contact the author of the petition

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