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2011-07-11 13:22:48

Hellenic Coast Guard revised its recent decision about the use of kitesurf as a recreation activity into Greek waters.

The new revised decision (a part of it has been attached) is now logical, functional and gives kitesurfing the freedom that deserves in line with international human rights and international sea law.

We expect from the worldwide kite community to respect the new decision and fully support the implementation of it.

All kiters visiting Greece for kitesurf should be aware of the new legal frame.

Greece is a very popular country for summer holidays. You must always give priority and respect the swimmers – sun bathers and follow the local rules of the spots you visit.

We stop the international petition progress since Hellenic Coast Guard Authorities, fulfilled our proposals.

Your contribution to our effort has proved to be valuable.

We would like to thank you for supporting us by signing the petition.


George Sokorelis Press Release 7-June-2011

2011-06-07 14:59:51

The meeting between Editorial Team and Secretary General of Security - Maritime Navigation of the Minister of Citizen Protection completed successfully today.

The meeting was suggested as a reaction of Secretary General Office to the protest letter that was sent by KiteMag founder and had been signed by kiters of the Greek Community.

Ministry of Citizen Protection Participants:

Secretary General & Maritime Security, Mr Christopoulos Athanasios (as President),

Director of the Port Police Coast Guard, Mr Paraskevas Panagiotis

Adjutant of the SG, Mr. Lagouros.

During the meeting, we gave a short presentation of our arguments for lifting the ban of kitesurf in beaches that have no surf clubs, followed by discussion.

Both of Secretary General and Director of the Port Police Coast Guard agreed on the bases that kitesurf should stay free as a recreation activity followed by rules that should respect swimmers and other water users.

As a result of the meeting, we received the promise that they are going to edit in high priority their last decision following the above spirit, as soon as possible (10 – 15 days).

We remind you that until then, the old circular is still valid until further notice.

We will keep you informed about the legal frame of kitesurf in Greek waters.

Thank you all for supporting our effort

George Sokorelis

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