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15 798 65 708 Stop Talvivaara/Terrafame mining disaster
For the rivers and lakes - Stop Talvivaara Finland is a land of tens of thousands of lakes and rivers. The Talvivaara polymetallic and uranium mine in Sotkamo was granted a license to mine nickel in 2006. Talvivaara has since proven itself to be a hazard for water systems on both sides of the watershed. Talvivaara mine has exceeded both estimated and permitted levels of emissions by multiple a...
Mar 29, 2012
15 798 65 708 Vesistöjen puolesta - Stop Talvivaara
English visitor - look in the end of the page =============================================== STOP TALVIVAARA -VESISTÖJEN PUOLESTA Suomi on kymmenien tuhansien järvien ja jokien maa. Talvivaaran Nikkeli/monimetalli- ja uraanikaivos Sotkamossa on uhka sekä Oulujoen vesistölle että Vuoksen vesistölle vedenjakajan molemmin puolin. Talvivaaran kaivos on ylittänyt lupaprosessissa ennakkoon arvio...
Mar 29, 2012
11 708 11 708 Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland (Closed)
The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 plans to allow members of the public to dock tails and remove dew claws from puppies. Vets are not allowed to perform these acts of mutilation and members of the public should certainly not be permitted as they have no access to pain relief. Please sign to make this barbaric practice illegal.  ...
Nov 10, 2013
7 940 9 718 Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti
The government of Bonaire wants to capture all 200 stray donkeys that roam the island and send them to Haiti to be used as working animals. I completely agree that the stray donkeys must be rescued from the streets. Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire has already been trying to get this done for many years. But because they do not get any financial support from the government they did not succeeded to do so...
Jul 12, 2012
7 365 17 340 Dog Dragged to Death
On Friday April 20, a dog was tied to the back of a car and dragged to death on the Gyeongbuk expressway in Seoul, South Korea. A police investigation is underway to find the person(s) responsible for this malicious crime. Eyewitnesses have provided video footage and the license plate number to Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) ( CARE has handed this evidence to the S...
Apr 23, 2012
6 958 6 975 Anthony Erasmus
Cindy lee Jansen and Marco Barnard abused and murdered Anthony 2days after his 5th birthday. They burnt him with cigarettes ons his private parts and back. He died with serious head injuries. Cindy and Marco is going to apply for bail on the 30th January at Brits court. They can get bail for R2000.00. Please sign so these 2 people can't get out....
Jan 26, 2013
5 829 5 838 Námsmenn af fullri alvöru - Gegn niðurskurði fjárframlaga til LÍN
Öll námsmannafélög á Íslandi mótmæla fyrirhuguðum niðurskurði á fjárframlögum ríkisins til Lánasjóðs íslenskra námsmanna! Við hvetjum menntamálaráðherra að taka ákvörðunina til alvarlegrar endurskoðunar. Ertu námsmaður? Þekkir þú einstakling í námi? Ætlar þú einhvern tímann í nám? Ef svo er þá hvetjum við þig til að mótmæla með okkur þessum áætlunum og skrifa undir hér! Staðreyndir: 1) Ekki...
Jun 27, 2013
4 830 6 578 Breytum klukkunni á Íslandi
Klukkan hér á Íslandi er stillt samkvæmt Greenwich og er því rangt skráð samkvæmt gangi sólar. Raunverulegt hádegi miðað við sólarstöðu er kl. 13:30 á Íslandi og því birtir um 1 og ½ tíma seinna hjá okkur en gera myndi ef klukkan væri rétt stillt.  Þetta gerir það að verkum að Íslendingar fara á fætur í svartamyrkri stóran hluta ársins. Með því að seinka klukkunni um eina klukkustund má því  fækka...
Dec 17, 2013
4 779 5 379 Save Pomegranate Restaurant
After an 18-month sustained campaign of harassment led by a neighbour, Pomegranate Restaurant (located at Antigua Street, Edinburgh) is being forced to remove ALL the lighting and signage from their business. The attached photo shows their "offensive" menu boards and their "eyesore" restaurant frontage. Having to comply with this order will have serious negative repercussions for this extremely p...
Oct 12, 2013
4 585 6 324 Petition for the arrival of low cost airlines in Nis (Closed)
                  Sign the petition for the arrival of low-cost (low cost) airlines in Nis. With the arrival of such airlines at Nis airport, the airport would finally come to life, and allow direct connection to Europe. Arrival any airline and the establishment of direct flights from Nis, will mean a lot for this region of southeast Serbia and I Constantine the Great Airport. By signin...
Oct 16, 2013