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4 936 12 207 Refunds of Orkambi in Poland - medicine for Cystic fibrosis
National Health Fund Office: 02-390 Warszawa ul. Grójecka 186  Office of President of National Health Fund Elżbieta Zahaczewska-Wyroba p.o. Dyrektora Gabinetu Prezesa Social Communication Office Sylwia Wądrzyk-Bularz p.o. Dyrektora Biura Komunikacji Społecznej, Spokesperson for the Department of Health Care BenefitsWojciech Zawalski Director of Department of Health Care Benefits Ministry of Health...
Apr 13, 2017
1 540 5 008 Statement of the Network of University Teachers against banning the Gender Studies Program
In the middle of the summer university break, the Hungarian Rectors' Conference was presented a draft decree from the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Justice.  This proposal called for the abolition of the masters program on Gender Studies. Such curricula are currently offered by the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and the Central European University (CEU).  The draft decree allowe...
Aug 14, 2018
1 338 1 338 Let Nemat Stay!
Nemat is 19 years old. He came alone to Sweden three years ago. He has created a life here in Sweden during these three years. He has learned Swedish, English and he has become a part of the Swedish community. He is today, the 4th of September 2018, forced to leave his apartment. All that remains is to wait for the deportation to Afghanistan where a very unsafe life is waiting. Nemat has for a lon...
Sep 04, 2018
413 414 Stardust #Truth Postcard Campaign.
Dear Attorney General of Ireland, I am seeking a new inquest into the Stardust fire tragedy of 14th February 1981. The original inquest into the tragedy was held in March 1982, just a year after the fire, when little detail was known about the events of that night. There is now much more detail which has exacerbated the rumour and suspicion surrounding the Stardust fire, it is time for truth fo...
Sep 11, 2018
391 394 Waste Petition
We, the undersigned residents of Germiston and surrounding areas hereby PETITION the MMC of the Environmental Resourse and Waste Management Councillor Ndosi Shongwe to adhere to the City of Ekurhuleni Waste Service Standards, policies including bylaws and the Environmental Waste Act to ensure that we(residents)receive our scheduled regular waste collection service.These regulations have not been a...
Aug 23, 2018
Dear friends of animals and planet Earth,   We need your help!   We are contacting you in defense of the law on animal welfare, specifically article 7, paragraph 1, point 37, which forbids the containment, reproduction, import, export and deprivation of life specifically for the purpose of producing fur and leather and article 89, which states that this ban will be implemented as of January 1st, 2...
Jun 02, 2018
349 350 Sign this petition to allow Makeup Artists to play music in their live video!!
The makeup industry is a 4.2 billion dollar industry and the music industry is even bigger!! Apart of being a MUA (makeup artist) is sharing your content.  A lot of MUAs prefer to do a live makeup tutorial.  I myself go live 5 days a week for my supporters and followers. One thing that is super frustrating is when you play music in the background and Facebook removes your video. This petition is t...
Sep 04, 2018
We the undersigned wish to object to the proposed changes to the Clitheroe Town settlement boundary which would allow a further 180 houses to be built on 3 sites at Chatburn Road, Hawthorn Place & Highmoor Farm.     A severe lack of infrastructure to support the current developments in Clitheroe is really concerning residents. We call on RVBC to reconsider the land allocation plan & priori...
Aug 28, 2018
206 206 Petition for Rocking the Daisies to bring back ticket refunds.
I believe it was unethical for Rocking the Daisies to only release such crucial information regarding the rule that festival goers are not allowed to bring any liquids to the festival (even water or medication), so late. This has forced people who have already purchased tickets to either sell their tickets at a loss or force them to just go to a festival that they will enjoy significantly less. Fo...
Sep 08, 2018
173 48 118 Petition against slaughter and export for slaughter of Polish horses
President PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski Al.Jerozolimskie 125/127 02-017 Warszawa   Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Beata Szydlo Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrow Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3 00-583 Warszawa   Parliament (Sejm Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej) Kancelaria Sejmu Ul. Wiejska 4/6/8 00-902 Warszawa         Honorable Prime Minister, Honorable Members of Parliament,   We appeal to you to support the...
Jan 30, 2017