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Dear friends of animals and planet Earth,   We need your help!   We are contacting you in defense of the law on animal welfare, specifically article 7, paragraph 1, point 37, which forbids the containment, reproduction, import, export and deprivation of life specifically for the purpose of producing fur and leather and article 89, which states that this ban will be implemented as of January 1st, 2...
Jun 02, 2018
2 577 2 577 Petition for annulment of all illegal entries of Serbian Orthodox Church over Montenegrin monasteries and churches and return them to the state of Montenegro
Dear Sisters and Brothers Montenegrins in Montenegro and Diaspora, regardless of religion and political affiliations,   I URGE YOU TO JOIN THE PETITION by signing it and striving to correct a century old injustice and that the religious buildings built by our ancestors finally return to the property of the state of Montenegro. "Independent and internationally recognized Kingdom of Montenegro was o...
Jan 13, 2018
2 259 9 744 Saving Hippodrome in Belgrade
One of the oldest active sports facilities in the World should not become the shopping mall! It is 8 years older than Wimbledon! Sign to save culture, tradition, thrill and excitement of this iconic Institution!...
Mar 30, 2017
2 234 2 234 Justice for the 'Dog with no Name'
If you love animals – or are simply a decent, compassionate human being – please add your name to our petition to demand justice for the dog that starved to death at the end of a chain, in plain sight of its uncaring owner. This was not a stray or abandoned animal. It was kept like this on the owners’ property, literally withering away to skin and bone in front of their eyes. They could have brou...
May 04, 2018
2 207 7 990 Stop the attacks and banning of the Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter method
 Stop the attacks and banning of the Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter method.   The Prophetic (unstunned) slaughter is under increasing political pressure to stop this method of slaughter in the Netherlands.  There are similar attempts to apply similar pressure also in UK, Belgium, Denmark, France and Australia. Despite many protests from various Islamic and Jewish organizations to stop the idea o...
Sep 06, 2016
2 089 2 088 نامه به شورای محترم نگبهان در خصوص مستثنی شدن اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات از شمول سقف پاداش بازنشستگی و مالیات پلکاتی
 باسمه‌تعالی حضرت آیت‌الله جنتی دبیر محترم شورای نگهبان قانون اساسی با سلام و ادب    احتراما ما اعضاء هیات علمی علوم پایه (غیر بالینی) وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی، اعتراض خود به مصوبات اخیر مجلس شورای اسلامی در خصوص شمول محدودیت در پاداش بازنشستگی برای اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات (جزء ۳ بند (الف) تبصره (۱۲) لایحه بودجه ۹۷) و همچنین تبصره ۶ لایحه بودجه موضوع ماده ۸۴ در خصوص مالیات پلکانی را اعلام...
Jan 20, 2018
1 942 1 941 اعتراض به مصوبه غیر قانونی کمیسیون تلفیق در خصوص عدم افزایش حقوق اعضاء هیأت علمی و درخواست مخالفت با آن در صحن علنی
بسمه تعالی نمایندگان محترم مجلس شورای اسلامی با سلام و ادب احتراما اینجانبان اعضاء هیات علمی دانشگاه های زیر مجموعه وزارت علوم، تحقیقات و فناوری، اعتراض شدید خود به مصوبه اخیر کمیسیون تلفیق در خصوص عدم افزایش حقوق اعضاء هیأت علمی دانشگاه‌ها و ایجاد محدودیت در پاداش بازنشستگی را اعلام کرده و انتظار و درخواست داریم با نگاه دوراندیشانه، واقع‌بینانه و کارشناسانه در صحن علنی با آن مخالفت فرمایید. الف:...
Jan 22, 2018
1 876 1 876 Ne damo niški aerodrom!
Republička vlast želi da uzme Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki za sebe! Gradsko veće usvojilo je “preporuku” Vlade Srbije da Niš prenese imovinu, osnivačka prava, sertifikate i ugovore Državi.  Odakle pravo gradskim čelnicima da našu imovinu besplatno ustupaju državi?  Tražimo od odbornika Grada Niša, koji zastupaju interese Nišlija, da na sledećoj sednici NE USVOJE predlog Gradskog veća o poklanjanju...
Mar 31, 2018
1 762 1 831 Call for FOOD FOR ALL at UJ
The EFF Student Command at the University of Johannesburg (APK Campus) recognises that first and second year students receiving NSFAS do not receive food allowances. Instead, they receive food from the Gift of the Givers (GoG), an on-campus NGO, a process which denies them their dignity because they stand in long lines, basically begging for unhealthy food. This is often very inconvenient because...
Nov 28, 2017
1 532 1 531 Justice for Mannie! NO BAIL!
We the undersigned, as concerned South Africans and community members, oppose bail for the accused in the matter of the intimate femicide of Manuela to be heard on 15 March 2018 at Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. 56 year old Manuela was allegedly shot nine times and killed at her home in Brackenhurst on the 13th of November 2017 by her estranged husband. Manuela, better known as “Mannie” to most, w...
Feb 14, 2018