Drug Facts: Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana

The stigma of marijuana is still strong globally. Every nation penalizes those people who are growing weeds in their backyard or remotely in some areas. It is indeed in several ways, marijuana is harmful. Similar to narcotic drugs, marijuana can negatively alter a person's cognitive behavior; that is if marijuana is used in the most negative way - but not medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana is referred to using the entire unprocessed plant or the basic extracts to treat various medical conditions, especially epilepsy and seizures. Even though US Food and Drug Administration do not approve marijuana plant as a medicine, they have recognized cannabinoids as a useful chemical found in cannabis or marijuana as a medical breakthrough; treating almost several illnesses, including epilepsy and seizure.

Several scientific studies have shown that Cannabidiol, a form of cannabinoid, has strong antiepileptic properties, which can cure epilepsy and stabilize seizure attacks. Although there are still several people who are cynical about using the formulated compound, several pharmaceutical companies have started developing medical forms of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol oil. Also, according to several pharmaceutical companies, an individual with epilepsy who uses cannabidiol oil daily have found to have several health benefits other than treating epilepsy and seizure attacks. It can also be used to beat stress, depression and much more.

How can marijuana cure epilepsy?

Cannabis has a long history of treatment. Since the ancient years of Africa, Greece, China, Rome and even India, they have found cannabis useful in treating epilepsy and other several seizure disorders. Although they were ignorant about cannabidiol, the ancient cultures were aware that cannabis can heal several illnesses. They were also aware that cannabis contains neuroprotective properties and allowing their patients to use cannabis according to their prescription.

In other words, one of the reasons why cannabis is an effective treatment for epilepsy or seizure attacks is due to cannabidiols which are during the early years of medicine was known as neuroprotective properties. Also, cannabidiols are known to reduce the pain and inflammation, and possibly can treat several mental illnesses and even opiate addiction.

How to use medical marijuana safely?

Remember that every individual's body is uniquely complex. Thus, using marijuana as a medical form should be with medical consideration and safe instruction. Although there are studies that prove cannabidiols are safe compound, like any other medication, it should be taken according to the doctor's prescription. The impact of cannabidiol may vary according to person's resistance, so you should ask your doctor.

Cannabidiol oils for vape, on the other hand, can be used for people who are using vape as a stress reliever. It is safe to use but again with considerations. Before using anything that is unfamiliar, you should either read the labels and instructions or check your doctor if it is safe to use.

Medical marijuana is safe. Sadly, not everyone accepts that. On the good side, several scientists never stop from researching. Even if there are several complexities to overcome, they believe that medical marijuana should be legalized globally.

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