Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?


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Jan 18, 2014, 20:38

As a 35 year old musician (who has been playing electronic organ since the age of 12) i enjoy music from all walks of life but i stopped listening to the programme when the constant pipe music started years ago.. Very disappointing especially as radio 2 used to play all my tracks.... old stuff but with a modern twist. My phone line used to be constantly ringing for orders for 2+ hours!!! Doesnt this tell you about what people actually want?

The programme is not what it used to be and if you want us youngsters to be interested and carry on the music industry then give us all a good reason to keep playing and learning. How many teens do u know that want to sit and play nothing but pipe.

Please listen yo us that play for a living... wr know what people want. :-)

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