Does The Organist Entertains on Radio 2 do more harm than good?


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Jan 19, 2014, 21:47

We are told by BBC management that it is OUR BBC.
As this is a program for a special interest group why are we not allowed to choose OUR music. On the basis of comments on many organ forums most Organ enthusiasts do not agree with the choices made by anonymous self opinionated BBC play list selectors.

Can anyone associated with the program explain the difference between VIRTUAL organ using a separate computer and a REAL modern organ using a built in dedicated computer or indeed someone "playing" a Hammond digitally connected (MIDIed) to several expanders as broadcast, obviously as a fill-in for about 60 seconds on Thursday last. Hypocrisy, Self interest, meglomania, and short sightedness don't begin to describe those associated with the program and "desirous of entertaining the enthusiast" certainly doesn't. The banner displayed on Freeview to describe the program indicates how careless they are. If it weren't in breach of the trades descriptions act it should have been "Selections from the entertaining world of organ music"

Even if we have to listen only to pipes or Hammonds (midied or otherwise) at least select organists who can play, who don't cover their inadequacies by choosing unknown music or aren't even capable of musically covering up their mistakes. If I wanted to listen to that I would just record my own "playing".

Incidentally I listen to every show as I record it and listen at a reasonable hour. I can say the in the last 6 months I have only been entertained for about 20 minutes in total.

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