Deutsch: Wir protestieren gegen die Schließung des Lukács-Archivs!
Español: Protestamos contra el cierre de Lucas Archivo
Français: Nous protestons contre la fermeture des Archives Lukács
Magyar: Tiltakozunk a Lukács Archívum szétszedése ellen
Italiano: Protesta per la chiusura dell'Archivio Lukács
Português: Protesto contra o fechamento do Arquivo Lukács
русский язык: Протест против закрытия Архива Георга Лукача в Будапеште
українська: Протест против закрытия Архива Георга Лукача в Будапеште


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Mar 10, 2016, 15:13

Next year I will be a PHd candidate at Yale university in the Slavic Languages and Literatutes department. Lukács is my intellectual idol and his work is seminal to my doctoral research. Closing off this resource will be of dire consequence to any scholar working in the humanities. Please do not close down this invaluable resource and permanently damage one of the most important intellectual legacies in Hungarian history.