HotHead Games must be fair and accountable to all KSB player

In the past several months Kill Shot Bravo (KSB) players proved winning Alliance War event does not require the latest game gears and guns. Yet these successes threaten some deep-pocketed players' style of gaming as well as HotHead Games' business model of making customers spend to win. HotHead Games benefits tremendously from its cycle of never ending updates that rapidly obsolete customers' new purchases. KSB players need to spend an outrageous amount of real world money just to stay current. Customers need to know that software updates serve the purpose of fixing bugs and improving user experience, not pressuring customers into spend more money. Instead of encouraging and fostering a leveled playing field with an equal opportunity to win, HotHead Games is changing the rules of the Alliance War in collaboration with some players so these players may continue to dominate the events. These unfair practices erode our trust in this game we enjoy and limit the broader participation of KSB players in future events.

Should KSB customers suffer for the mistakes and errors caused by HotHead Games?

  • Have you ever won something from the crates only to have it disappear from your collection because HotHead server made an error?
  • Have you ever received an offer to purchase a gun only to found another player can buy the same item at significant lower cost?
  • Even if you do acquire a gun at a fantastic price, have you had it taken away because HotHead claims they erred on pricing?


  • Did you and your alliance spent time and money to compete hard in an event because HotHead announced only the top 10 will receive a prize but it turns out number 11 also received the prize. Is this fair to 12, 13, and many others?
  • You make a discovery to overcome a limitation in the game only to be told this is an exploit not allowed yet HotHead turns a blind eye to other “exploits”. Is this fair?
  • Should HotHead Games hinder innovative game play in the pursuit of maximizing profit or bow to pressures from a few preferred players?

Is there any clarity or fairness in KSB or is it just a bait and switch to empty your wallet?  

We call on HotHead Games to treat all players fairly, be accountable for their own errors and omissions, and to foster a levelled playing field that every player has an opportunity to win and enjoy this game.

After obtaining sufficient support for this petition, we want HotHead Games to:

  1. Leave the Alliance War matchmaker as is,
  2. Pre-announce any design changes by in-game messages with user feedback on Facebook,
  3. Implement any allowed “exploits” as a standard features in future updates,
  4. Reward bugs and loopholes reporting without retroactively punish those who took advantage of these weaknesses,
  5. Bring cost of gifting inline with direct purchases and allow event prizes gifting at a reasonable cost.


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