Stockholm City and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce own the Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre. On 21-22 April this year, Jehovah's Witnesses will hold a gathering at the Stockholm Fair. The gathering is open to all and even children and young people participate and listen to the speeches and watch the movies that are displayed.
This petition has been created by a group of people who have either been Jehovah's Witnesses or have relatives who are witnesses / have been. This is not a petitionl against individuals who are Jehovah's Witnesses but a petition against the Stockholm Fair's, which is owned by the city of Stockholm. We are against that the City rents their premises to the Watchtower organisation and the petition is about the fact that the City of Stockholm's hbtq policy is not compatible with the organisation's view on the same issues, especially from a child and youth perspective.

Stockholm city has been actively working with hbtq issues in recent years and has also had special efforts aimed at children and young people.

On the Stockholm City website you can read about "Stockholm for all" and about how the city has been working for over ten years to be one of the world's leading travel destinations for hbtq people.
We think it is problematic that Stockholm City, as owner of the Stockholm Fair, rents its premises to an organisation that so openly demonstrates a completely different view of, among other things, homosexuality and gay relationships, especially from a childhood and youth perspective. The controlled sexuality was one of the points that were highlighted in a Finnish investigation which addresses 16 points that are thought to be problematic from a child perspective, including the advocacy of physical discipline, the negative attitude towards education and the risk of being shunned and disfellowshipped, which even underage children may suffer if they do not comply with the assembly rules.
We believe that the organisation's views on these issues should be noted, especially given the large number of children and young people attending these meetings organised by Jehovah's Witnesses. Below you can see an example of the organisation's cartoon films directed to the younger audience, and in the movie you see a mother telling her daughter how important it is to marry a person of the opposite sex.
On the organisation Watchtower's website you can read the following if you search for the word homosexuality. "Jehovah's Witnesses fully believe that the Bible says is at their best, and therefore they follow the standards. It means that they avoid all sexual immorality, including gay actions. It is the lifestyle they have chosen, and they have just Like all others, the right to choose how to live their lives. At the same time, Jehovah's Witnesses try to "seek peace with all." They distance themselves from homosexual acts, but they should never force their own opinion. Nor should they participate in homosexual hate crime or be hurt when they hear such crimes. They try to live for the golden rule and treat others as they themselves want to be treated. "

When you read this on the organisation's website, you almost get the idea that you can make your own choice and that you are not forced into something as a child or youth. The speech in the film below, on the other hand, shows the truth and how the leaders rather instruct the participants in how to live their lives and even dress. In the end of the speech a leader from the organisation talks about homosexuals not being spiritual people and tight pants.

The fact that Stockholm City actively works to support children and young people with different sexual orientations while renting their premises to the Watchtower organisation is very sad as it offers the organisation a platform where their anti-gay messages are allowed to spread among children and young people. We believe that Stockholm city should take its responsibility since they have a hbtq policy and answer if they think this is acceptable.
It should be added that in the organisation can exclude and disfellowship its members that confess to homosexual actions. The film below explains the dissfellowshipping and this is an example of what kids and young people within the organisation must watch during their meetings.

Finally, we want to show a movie that will probably be shown during the April meeting and it clearly shows that the organisation does not share the city of Stockholm's view on hbtq issues.

Are these suitable speeches and movies for children and young people who may already have a hard time and maybe identify themselves as HBTQ and will Stockholm city continue to rent premises to organisations that spread messages like these to children and young people?
We do not think this is appropriate and don't think that Stockholm City and Stockholm Fair should be a tool for spreading similar messages. Please write und share this petition if you agree!