Petition for legalizing playing instruments in Warsaw Metro stations

To the Councillors of the City of Warsaw,

Dear Councillors,

We call upon You to table an amendment to the Rules of Public Transportation in Warsaw, concerning the ban on playing instruments in the Warsaw Metro stations area (Przepisy porządkowe obowiązujące w lokalnym transporcie zbiorowym organizowanym przez m. st. Warszawa, w Rozdział II „Przewóz osób” §11 ust. 1, pkt 1).
We call for the amedment that will allow street musicians to play in the Warsaw Metro hallways.
In this year's edition of the Civic Budget in Ursynów, there was submitted the project ESOG 723, which proposed the creation of spots for musicians in the Metro area. In response to the concerns of Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego, reffering to a protection of routes of emergency, the appropriate places were chosen. However, the project was rejected due to the mentioned Rules.
Musician's spots in metro areas are widely known around the world, e.g. in Montreal, Mexico City, Berlin, Budapest or Moscow. The street muscians are not the only group within society, which benefits from this idea. The spots change the athmosphere around, making their surroundings more calm and, in the end, more safe. And this reflects on us, the passer-bys, making us to ease our pace. Nowadays, when great musical talents are being recorded on smartphone, their videos are usually shared on Facebook immediately. In such situation, the benefits go also to the city in terms of symbolic, worldwide promotion.
To sum up, concerning the numerous and positive outcomes from such subtle change in public space, we call upon You to table the amendment that will allow street musicians to play in the Warsaw Underground hallways.
Inhabitants and friends of the City of Warsaw

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