Save Byrne Creek Forest East


Please help stop the sale of Byrne Creek Forest East.  

The boundary of this 3 acre tract of land is: Southridge Drive (South) Byrnepark Drive (West)  Southwynde Avenue (North) and Southwynde Rainpark Walkway (East).  

The habitat is very steeply sloped and hosts mature trees such as Western Red Cedar. The RWC tree helps prevent mudslides from pouring down the steep slope because their deep roots stabilize the soil.  A mature cedar forest is much more efficient at preventing mudslides and water runoff than a cement block wall.

Barred owls make their home here.  A mated pair of Barred Owls produce juveniles every year and need their home in which to hunt.  Countless species are slated for habitat destruction by earth moving equipment. These animal species include Red Squirrels, Cooper's Hawks and denning Coyote families.

The City of Burnaby sees the cash potential of this forest for a housing development.  

The City of Burnaby has not delivered a promised completed Environmental Assessment of this entire area, as per the *Edmonds Town Centre Plan September 26, 1994.  * Page 7 First Paragraph.

If developed, the  housing development cannot buffer constant highway or skytrain noise from those transportation routes found at the perimeters of the property.

In this era of climate change and greenhouse effect, we petitioners would prefer that 6438 Byrnepark Drive, in which zoning can be changed by the highest bidder with the deepest pockets, should instead be combined with its immediate neighbouring parcel to the north, which is ZONED PROTECTED PARKLAND known to the City as Byrne Woods Park.  This insures that this irreplaceable forest remains an unsevered whole, protected parkland.

The purpose of this petition is to stop the sale of this forest habitat until such time as a full Environmental Assessment study is completed for, and to the public, so that the uniqueness of this habitat will never be disputed again. 

Full public disclosure on the sale of this property can be found at the official Burnaby site at:

The land bidding sale closes on November 1 2017.  We need to get many signatures on the petition as possible by October 30 2017

Thank you for adding your voice to this petition.

Click the link below for a walking tour from the entrance to Byrne Woods Park, walking south to 6439 Byrnepark Drive, east to the Rain Garden Walk then north to where Southpoint turns into Southwynde.

Thanks again, for taking a few minutes to make a difference.



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