We want Demi Lovato to sing ‘warrior’ live during her concert in the netherlands.

The song warrior, has such a powerful message, it gives you faith, hope, power, and not to forget that it has the power to make you believe in great things again!

So what we want to achieve with this petition, is that Demi lovato is going to sing ‘warrior’ during her concert in the netherlands. 

The reason why it is important to us, is because of it has a lot of value for many people! The song has helped us, very much trough rough times.
It has been a song that probably helped to survive things like mental illness, an addiction or other issues.

In combination with the fact that Demi Lovato is so much stronger now, it would be very beautiful to hear her sing it again.

Another reason is because of we want younger people to hear it, it would be great to let a new generation experience this powerful song. It could help them a lot, and give them another view in life. It also could learn them things, things like that you never know what a person is going trough, or to respect everyone.

If you agree that it would be great to hear Demi Lovato sing warrior live during her concert in Amsterdam, we would like you to sign this petition. It would be even better if you also want to share it. The more people sign this, the bigger the chance it will happen!


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