What Is Wood Composite Decking?

Architects and landscape artists alike value the pleasing and timeless look of wood. Not only is it rustic and simple, it also exudes a genteel kind of class. Wood is now usually preferred for outdoor construction and landscaping. There is one catch though; wood is becoming scarcer, thereby making it more expensive!


There have even been laws that forbid the use of certain kinds of hardwood for construction. This leaves people with cement and stone that, while aesthetically pleasing in itself, don't quite have that touch which wood has.

What, though, if you're planning to have a deck installed in your home? Should you use still use wood? Well, the best thing for you to do is talk to a home building expert who can tell you about wood alternatives that you can use. For instance, when it comes to decking materials, you have the option to choose between real wood and wood composite materials.

Wood composite decking is a material that is composed of synthetic compounds specifically designed to imitate the look, feel, and sometimes even the scent of wood while possessing far superior properties as only plastics have. Wood composite decking can be stained or colored to imitate the whole spectrum of naturally occurring wood colors and the artful imitation even imitates the grain and texture of wood so that the imitation is as authentic as it can get.

Ask a Deck Builder, and he'll tell you that a greater majority of homeowners who have decks opted for composite materials instead of real wood. That's because there are some types of wood composite decking that have integrated organic matter into the polymer or plastic compound to add further realism to the material. Unlike authentic wood, wood composite decking is more aptly suited to outdoor construction due to the fact that it easily resists water and, unlike wood, it does not rot.

Because it is made of synthetic materials, usually PVC or some other polymer compound, termites can't get at them, making them perfect for landscaping purposes. Composite materials are also known for their durability, making them an excellent and artistically pleasing fencing material. Just look at deck designs online and you'll see how expert builders were able to incorporate them into various landscaping ideas; thus, taking a home's aesthetic appeal several notches higher.

Realism is everything when it comes to wood composite decking, as high-quality examples of the material even surpass authentic wood. While wood composite decking is usually reserved for outdoor applications, indoor use is also applicable making the material truly versatile. Areas like the kitchen are easily given a picturesque country appearance with the use of wood composite materials. While such construction would be extremely expensive had real wood been used, synthetic alternatives are relatively cheaper, easier to maintain, more durable, and just as pleasing as wood.

So, opt to have a deck installed in your home if you want to enhance its look. You'll be surprised how a simple deck design can do wonders to your backyard or front lawn especially if the design is incorporated into your landscaping. Look at landscaping pictures for ideas on how to create harmony between the deck and the landscape design. So that instead of clashing, both elements will complement each other.

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