Keep swimming at Cowm Reservoir, Whitworth

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Chris Gorse

#1 Open water swimming

Aug 05, 2010, 12:36

Closing lakes down to all users will not remove the risk of children and others using the lake unsupervised.  Responsible use of the lake, with qualified supervision will reduces the risks, it encourages potential users to engage in the supervised sessions. The benefits or exercise and responsible behaviour in open water are significant.  Users become properly aware of safety issues and partake in a safe community that respects and users the facility properly.


If the water authorities believe there is a real risk of people, especially children coming to harm then they should supervise the lake at all times. Water authorities should support the development of swimming, whether in pools or open water, as that will ultimately reduce the risks.

rossy swimmer

#2 Keep swimming at Cowm Rsvr, Whitworth

Aug 05, 2010, 12:48

I believe that responsible people should be allowed to make decisions for themselves without being governed by the 'nanny state'.

let's not make overarching decisions which are ultimately detrimental to us all and to our freedom.


a local athlete

Paul Taylor

#3 Re: Open water swimming

Aug 05, 2010, 16:43

#1: Chris Gorse - Open water swimming

I agree, we should look to make proper representation with the support of British Triathlon, The National Swimming Ass and others. We're hosting the Olympics in the UK in two years time so what sort of message are we giving out if we cannot support sport from the grass roots up?

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