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Sep 04, 2014, 20:16

Hello Poul, in the Netherlands Passengers Aasociation 'Rover' also started a petition. I will contact you by mail how we can join our efforts. Greetings, Aldo Markus (Rover staff).

#2 Manifestation in Berlin

Sep 04, 2014, 22:11

German train staff of "DB European Railservice" have started a campaign to save the car trains and night trains. By now, about 4,000 travelers have signed the protest postcards which will be given to DB's CEO at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin on September 24th. On the same day, we have a press conference in German parliament's committees building. Our campaign slogan "Alle reden von Europa - Die DB nicht" quotes the most famous DB advertisement ever ("Everybody is talking about the weather - We do not"). We changed that to "Everybody is talking about Europe - DB does not". We invite everybody to come to Berlin on September 24th, 2 p.m. at Potsdamer Platz - leave a message on our website - cooperate in developing a campaign to establish a European night train network or /norsk/


Best wishes from Germany Joachim Holstein



Sep 05, 2014, 10:12

Thank you for this update. We in the European Passengers' Federation support your petition and our members are also involved in dialogue with decision-makers.



Sep 05, 2014, 15:13

Still going strong.

Dr. S. Dietrich, Zürich, Switzerland


Sep 05, 2014, 16:32

I wrote a direct mail to Mr. Grube (address probably ) where I copied directly the text his company sent me in July to advertise their European night trains and then asked why they are adversitsing something they want to eliminate.

Could a mail flood to Mr. Grube be an option?

Kind regards,

Michael Lettenmeier, Lahti, Finland



Sep 06, 2014, 06:46

Hej Poul,

we are busy to organize a lot of support from holland for our collegues of DBAZ in germany. decrease of trains costs a lot of jobs as well.
petition will be handed over to Mr. Grube, President - Director of DBAG at berlin 24th/9/2014.
Support already has been given by the ministry of work / social affairs of North-Rhine Westfalia and some other officials.

Hilsen fra Holland,



Sep 06, 2014, 16:06

What about having people volunteering at the gates of night trains to let travellers knows about this + ask them if they want to sign.

Internet is nice, but some of the people who like to take trains are not that connected...  ;-)



Sep 07, 2014, 10:34

Dont stop this train!
Henning Neumann

#9 Volunteering at the gates of night trains to let travellers know

Sep 08, 2014, 19:04

@Yelyam: That is a great idea! Does anyone have an idea, if there are already flyers / posters designed concerning this issue? I would try to gather some more people and hand in such information in the station of Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia) whenever I am not travelling around the world :)






#10 Re: Volunteering at the gates of night trains to let travellers know

Oct 02, 2014, 16:01

#9: Marianne - Volunteering at the gates of night trains to let travellers know 

 Hi Marianne... I'm sorry I haven't seen your message earlier... (didn't get any notification)

I do not live in a city where there are night trains.. Unfortunatelly... (I'm in Brussels).

I don't know where this issue is now, didn't find news..



Oct 26, 2014, 21:27

Thanks Poul!!!



Oct 27, 2014, 01:02

In Sweden we have the same problem: Non-profitable night-trains will be abolished. The problem is therefore: Trains should be used and generate money all day, not only once a day (night). Design this train and the CNL and other nught lines will be re-birth!

Erik Fagerström, Kungsör, Sweden

#13 save the night train

Oct 27, 2014, 10:49

I don't know where to find more interested people to sign. I am dependent on the night train from Munich to Rome, at least around the Christmas holidays. I have too much luggage to be able to fly, and the train is far better from the standpoint of convenience and the environment.  Several organizations, such as the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) are active, and I got the link to the petition from one of them.



Oct 27, 2014, 15:36

It is encouraging that 8000 people signed the petition. I hope it will be literally "Auf Wiedersehen" to the train. We must work for its reinstatement in some form. EPF is concentrating its current lobbying at MEP level.



Oct 28, 2014, 14:57

Where and how can I sign it?