Safeguard the Isenau ski area


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Jul 22, 2011, 11:12

This petition calls for some clarifications. Isenau like Le Meilleret are owned and managed by TeleDiablerets, which is a subsidiary of Diablerets Vrai Village de Montagne (DVVM) a 100% private own company whom Hotel des Diablerets, Hotel des Chamois and other venues belong to. Isenau is currently operating under a Federal Department of Transportation License that will expire on December 31, 2012. Beyond that date and without a complete revamping, the cable car will be decommissioned by law. Initially, the lift replacement was planned to be funded 100% by TeleDiablerets. TeleDiablerets is no longer committed to bear alone the 12 mio CHF budget required to replace the actual “gondola” by a new one, which will be complying with Federal safety/security regulations and standards. Out of 12 mio CHF budget, TeleDiablerets is seeking the State financial support in kind of a free interest loan vouched by the Municipality of Les Diablerets and by a non-refundable loan.

Part of a broader State’s ski lifts investment master plan and a touristic policy, the State of Vaud is willing to found facilities that can prove to be business sustainable and viable only. Mountain regions’ economy is mainly driven by tourism. To make it sustainable the “commercial beds” (hotels, B&B, holiday apartments, etc.) capacities must at least be maintained and more preferably increased in order to generate a higher tourism turnover. During the ski season only (mid December till mid April) a commercial bed generates for the ski lifts a proceed of 84 days of ski (4 months x 4 weeks x 6 days), whilst a secondary home “cold bed” generates only a proceed of 21 days of ski for the whole entire season (a seasonal ski pass is paid back in ~21 days). Furthermore, and in order to be profitable, ski lift companies must have a lean and cost-efficient organization. Bottom line the State’s requirements for financial assistance are four-fold:

1. To maintain or increase the commercial beds capacity
2. To merge TeleDiablerets with TeleVillars
3. To merge Diablerets Tourism and Villars Tourism offices
To create all-year tourism activities allowing cable car companies operating beyond the ski season only

After the closure of Hotel Les Diablotins, Hotel Mon Abri, Hotel Mon Séjour the recent closure of Hotel des Diablerets with more than 110 commercial beds, which will be replaced by two large real estate projects, will seriously jeopardize the local economy, the tourism offer and the State financial support. The municipality is striving not to let Isenau go, and it is working on many projects such as the Vision 2025 designed and aimed at making our community/resort attractive for year round residents, tourists and economically sustainable on the long term.

P. Piralli - Municipal