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May 26, 2011, 19:38

It seems that the Infallible One is on a personal crusade prior to an election. In doing so he is not considering the wishes of many of Gibraltar's citizens, during the erasing of part of Gibraltar history and culture.



May 26, 2011, 20:53

Why change our street names they are part of us and our ancestors our Heritage slowly they are taking everything away from us and now our street names too let's see what else



May 27, 2011, 01:41

Leave our historical street names alone. No more tampering with our heritage. We can honour people in more imaginative and hassle-free ways.



May 27, 2011, 01:59

Old street names are historic and evocative (Devil's Tower Road is a wonderfully memorable name!) - let's not erase part of our heritage, and instead give new names only to new streets.



May 27, 2011, 03:01

Civil Servants... and the Government, should show more respect for Gibraltar's history and heritage.. and consult more widely about issues like this!



May 27, 2011, 03:50

The names of our street (as there are) are part of our heritage!



May 27, 2011, 09:58

Totally agree. Long-standing and historical names should not be ditched to suit the whim of the moment!


May 27, 2011, 10:00

Leave old street names as they are and rename new ones



May 27, 2011, 11:11

This is the usual disregard shown by government towards our heritage.



May 27, 2011, 17:41

don't change names when they're plenty of new streets cropping up that need naming.



May 27, 2011, 18:41

The proposed re-naming is change for change's sake. Gibraltar's street names have grown over the years and reflect our varied history. Let's not monkey with it artificially.



May 27, 2011, 18:41

Theres no reason why a Bishop should get his name given to a street and not the same respect given to leaders of other faiths. This is a tradition that needs looking at and thinking about before we change any names....and as for North front Ave..well an avenue is named as such due to the fact theres trees down both sides of the road....look it up.....



May 27, 2011, 19:29

I really do not see the point of changing the name of a road. It just causes a massive inconvenience to all the residents that live there. the residents will have to spend alot of time changing their addresses for everything. Asif the government is going to fill out the forms and stand in queues for them is it? All these people will have to go to the goverment offices in their lunch hours or days off because of the short opening times of their offices - way to much hassle for no decent reason!!!



May 27, 2011, 19:36

I am all in favour of keeping the old historical names of streets and roads, and see no point in changing them.



May 27, 2011, 19:51

Street names are part of our heritage and are indications of our history. They should not be bandied about and changed just to satisfy the fleeting inclinations of whatever institutions or personages. If it is necessary to honour somebody who has rendered valuable service to the community then the names of new streets or building should be used for that purpose.
Gib John


May 27, 2011, 21:26

Have we not put up with enough on Devil's Tower Road already, 2 years of roadworks, homes where dust accumulates within seconds of cleaning thanks to the works and mountain of rubble, horrendous pavements where it was impossible to go through with a pram, loss of parking, constant water cuts both fresh and salt without warning and the noise from the night time works at the Peter Caruana Airport and Joe Holliday Runway Underpass Tunnel. What next Eastern Beach to be renamed Gibraltar Airport Beach????



May 27, 2011, 21:55

Save our history!! If they want to honour these bishops just build a statue !!



May 27, 2011, 23:45

I feel strongly that the street names should not be changed for two major reasons.The first is that the street names are bound up with the history of the town and the second being the great inconvenience it will cause for the residents to have to change addresses ,both snail and email.



May 28, 2011, 00:30

Our Street names will become a mouthful, our history changed and ditto some one else's comments that people can be remembered in other ways.


#20 What the h.... has this got to do with Civil Servants now or Pete's sake? Enough is enough!

May 28, 2011, 01:12

#5: -  




May 28, 2011, 01:53

When the new lane/park between Piazzela and City Mill Lane is built that can be named after one of them, perhaps the Piazzela itself after the other.



May 28, 2011, 02:07

Protect our Heritage by NOT renaming old streets and roads but by all means name NEW ONES.



May 28, 2011, 06:16

Don't put the final nail in the coffin of the Devil's Tower.



May 28, 2011, 12:27

don't trust these people who change for change sake...they are likley to be looking to change anything that moves to satisfy their desire to make a mark.. animals mark their territory to tell other people they are around... usually up against walls.



May 28, 2011, 13:05

Streets with Historical names which relate to Gibraltar's past should be preserved and infact enhanced, each of this streets should have a plaque explaining why it is named thus.


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