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Feb 19, 2011, 05:27

Protests held in front of French consulate in Istanbul over alleged torturing of the jailed terrorist “Carlos the Jackal”. A group of people held a demonstration on Thursday in front of the French consulate in Istanbul to protest the conditions and “torture” of the infamous Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, dubbed "Carlos the Jackal" by the media, in a French prison. Date: 10 February 2011

Turkish muslims shout slogans as they hold pictures of Venezuelan convicted terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, better known as ''Carlos the Jackal'' during a protest to denounce his imprisonment in front of the French Consulate, on February 10, 2011, in Istanbul.

Turkish People
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:28

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez or with his frequently used nickname, Carlos the Jackal. The “legendary” guerilla commander born in Venezuela. Carlos who realized a record number of illegal operations until he was arrested in 1994 was born in Caracas city, Venezuela in 1949 as the son of a Marxist family. He had his university education in London and Moscow. Carlos who participated in Marxist youth branches for a long time started to fight against Israel in 1975 after he had been trained in Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) camps. In the following years, he expanded his struggle against Israeli government to the big cities of West and mounted armed and bomb attacks against many people or organizations associated with Israel. Carlos who was declared as the most wanted person in 1980 got rid of CIA, Mossad, Interpol and French intelligence service many times. He travelled to many countries of the world with fake identities during the period he was wanted. There are many books written about Ilich Ramirez Sanchez and many films made about his life. He made a name for himself especially by the operations he realized especially in 1980s. One of the most important operations of Carlos was that he took 70 people hostage among whom there were 10 oil ministers and he brought the hostages to Algeria after the event. Carlos was caught in 1994 after a 25-year pursuit in a joint operation planned by CIA, Mossad, French, Sudanese and Saudi Arabian intelligence services. After the trial, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and married lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre with whom he met during his trial. Carlos who became a Muslim in 1975 and was named Salim Muhammed has also a book titled Revolutionary Islam.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:30

“It is Carlos the Jackal’s Turn to Talk”
(Soz Cakal Carlos’ta)

The legendary guerilla leader of the Twentieth century, “Carlos the Jackal”, (Ilich Ramirez Sanchez by his Venezuelan identity or Salim Muhammed by his Muslim identity) who has been chased after by the western intelligence services and Mossad for 25 years and every time got rid of them with his genius plans, about whom many books have been written and many films have been made, and who has been in French prisons for 17 years after being caught in Sudan in 1994, is now coming to the fore with a book full of claims, exposes and theses which are potentially earth-shattering. His words on the back cover of the book remind us of “who” is the person we are coming face to face, or in a more cliché word, “with whom he’s playing”:

- “I have been in prison in France for 16 years. Then what happened 16 years ago? We were living in Sudan together with Osama bin Laden, Abu Nidal and Imad Mugniye under the supervision and guard of some 60 Sudanese secret service agents. And, one day, when I opened my eyes, I found myself before CIA and French secret service authorities in France. They had sold me. Who were responsible? I was sold to CIA by the head of Sudan’s regime, Omar al-Bashir, and his clique. The Saudis paid it with petrodollars in return for delivering me to CIA."

In his book It is Carlos the Jackal’s Turn to Talk which has been published recently “for the first time in the world" by Tahkim Publishing House in Turkey, Carlos expresses his analyses on the current world politics and the world of today in continents and countries. In the meantime, he explains the going and coming “new world order”, and his approach to Communism as well as Islam and Capitalism in a striking way which we are not that familiar with but consistently with his own point of view.

Carlos does not only express his “opinion”. He also unveils some “secret” files as it is expected from a person having such an “extraordinary” past. In this framework, he sincerely explains and exposes to his Turkish lawyers and journalist friends the historical and strategic background of the developments at the top of the world’s agenda which cannot be seen in the media, the secret profiles and politic agendas of influential people in the East and West, the unknown facts about the armed struggle against Israel he started in Palestine and moved to European cities, his relations with the presidents many of whom are still alive today, his cooperation with the world’s illegal celebrities from Osama bin Laden to Abu Nidal and more.

The most surprising point for the ones who read the book may be the fact that Carlos, who is “the first international revolutionist and legendary guerilla leader fighting for the liberation of Palestine” for some people or “the most wanted terrorist of the Twentieth century that killed people pitilessly” for the others, speaks with a language of a person having a versatile “scholar” formation as well as his incredible knowledge of history about nearly every country. While reading the book, you sometimes forget that the man speaking is a “terror legend” and feel like you are listening to a political analyst, a historian, an economist, a sociologist, an anthropologist, or a lawyer. Nevertheless, after all these “serious” analyses, there comes a skill of “satire” and “irony” that is professionally used by Carlos and reminds you that the man you are listening to is not a “scholar”. It is obvious that Carlos hits the bull’s eye not only with guns but also with his brilliant humour.

Although “Carlos the Jackal” is still in a French prison with life imprisonment, he hasn’t been seen as a “finished enemy” yet by his “foes”. According to Carlos, he is still “being attacked non-stop”. These words on the back cover of the book also belong to him:

- “I’m not seen as an ordinary prisoner, and I know I will be killed one day. Many people want me to be killed, and are looking forward to that day, but I still survive as a “living martyr”, I continue my struggle which I am proud of and I will go on being an example and encourage the others for resistance.”

Although there are too many things to talk about the book, it is better to allow the readers to enjoy discovering the rest by themselves.

Written by: Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Salim Muhammed)
Translated from English to Turkish by: Hayreddin Soykan
Publisher: Tahkim Publishing House
Place of Publication: Istanbul
Year of Publication: November 2010
1st edition, 3000 pcs.
ISBN: 978-605-882-520-8
Soft Cover, 356 pages
15 × 23 cm

TAHKIM Yayincilik ve Dagitim Limited Sirketi
Merkezefendi Mah. Mevlana Cad.
Tercuman Sitesi, Platin B-1 Blok, Daire 8

Translated and Edited by: Hayreddin Soykan
E-mail for information requests from abroad:
Hayreddin Soykan

Interviews with Carlos
Journalist Fazil Duygun
Lawyer Guven Yılmaz
Journalist-Translator Hayreddin Soykan
Lawyer Ahmet Arslan
Lawyer Hasan Olcer
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:31


I have never denied my identity.

Now, while I am speaking here, there is an African friend in front of me. A Muslim who is wearing traditional clothes of the region he comes from. If I imitate him or another Muslim coming from a different region, it will be a kind of caricatural look.

I am the man of ideals, principles. It is not a superficial or formal issue. For instance, I did never wear like Che Guevera at my young age when I struggled for Communism, even in the period when I was a young communist leader in my country. I never did that. Indeed I had a beret during the OPEC operation, but it was an exceptional situation to prevent the police from recognizing me and hide my face with this aim. It was not a formal pretension.

I believe that I am only me and my identity is coming from that. I have a culture and I never deny it. I have traditions in terms of clothes and other qualifications, I never ignore the tradition where I am coming from, rather I am embracing it.

However, there is a thing I am totally opposed to; certain kinds of clothes, certain kind of dining, certain kind of living and a lifestyle described on this way which is imposed by the Western media - especially the USA media. I basically refuse this lifestyle. The reason is not the fact that I am a Muslim, I have already refused it before.

Yes, I have never drifted away from my roots, Spanish culture; on the contrary, I always respect my past, my regional culture and traditions, greatly and I embrace them. In other words, I did not have a new culture, civilization or lifestyle in this sense after I became Muslim; no, not that one.

In my opinion, everybody has to support their roots, homelands, family traditions and should be “original” so as to say “authentic”. In other words, today in Islamic countries, one cannot be a “mujahid” by some communities’ or a leader’s clothing. Such kind of thing does not make you a “mujahid”.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:33

Now I will tell you the event that took place in 1970s. At that time, I had a Turkish comrade from THKP-C organization which allied with us. The general secretary of the organization (Mahir Cayan) had kidnapped and killed İstanbul consul general of Israel (Ephraim Elrom) in 1971. Then Cayan was killed by security forces. I remember that night, I was in London, and I felt very sorry and despaired. It was after the Black September and military blockade of 1971 in Jordan. While some militants of THKP-C were coming to Beirut to shelter, the other part of them came to Paris. Therefore, they would cooperate with PFLP.

A Mossad agent with a black hat started to follow my Turkish comrade who was the military authority of his organization. The agent followed my comrade from THKP-C for hours by passing through streets and parks, but because he was a professional, that agent watched over himself and never went to places where he could be ambushed. Wherever my comrade went –bus, Paris underground-, he could not get rid of the man. It was nearly evening, it became dark around. My friend decided to go home immediately at about 7. He came into the apartment building, so did the MOSSAD agent. At that moment my friend trapped him, killed him with his knife and brought him to his flat to place in the bath-tub. Miraculously, nobody came into or went out of the apartment building during this event.

I did not participate in this event, but I know who took part. They were coming to the comrade’s flat and asking "what will we do with this corpse?". For three days after the event they were trying to get rid of the dead body by cutting it into parts in order to throw it away from home. Neither there was news about this event in media, nor there was a legal investigation. Although France police were reported about the issue, they felt no need to make any investigation or interrogation about it due to the fact that MOSSAD was working illegally.

There was neither an identity card, nor a note or something to detect his identity on this MOSSAD agent killed. He died as a "hero” in the eyes of Zionism. One from us, one from them, we were fighting and killing each other mutually such like that.
Turkish People
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:33

We performed the OPEC Operation ourselves, Libya did nothing. They even submitted the weapons at the last moment. But we had already obtained the weapons from American army. American soldiers sold weapons to us by getting them from their own armory in Germany. And in return for marijuana! We did not have marijuana of course. Therefore, our comrades went to Berlin (Commander Carlos is laughing while telling it) and had to buy marijuana from Turkish drug dealers, then they brought it to Frankfurt by land. And I gave this marijuana to American soldiers who said “We don’t want money, dollars, we want marijuana in return for the weapons!”.

What about Libyans? As I said before, they delivered the weapons they had brought from Tripoli at the last moment; Beretta, some machine guns and so on. To be honest, we preferred these little guns of Libyans for the operation since the weapons we took from Americans were so big. The last day, yes, the last day, the Libyans appeared. Moreover, the information they had given was completely wrong. In short, we paddled our own canoes.
Turkish People
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:34

They are still afraid of international revolutionists like us. It is not us personally they are afraid of, what can be the dimension of destruction we cause in our operations after all? What they are afraid of is the fact that we serve as “examples”, we personally create “model” as international revolutionists. Completely for this reason, they try to use every kind of slander to humiliate us in front of public. We have never been an agent, a private soldier or sneaker of anybody. On the contrary, sometimes we caught those ones and executed them. One of those was a high-ranking officer. The one we caught was a general who I seized and executed myself; he was a leading military officer from South Africa army special forces (Henri Bola). I also wrote a letter to Nelson Mandela about this issue.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:35

Turks may have a problem with Pope’s assassin Mehmet Ali Agca, there is not anything about me. After all, some Turks were arrested with Agca and tried in Italy, but they were completely innocent. CIA stands on the back stage of all these manipulations. So, what is the real reason behind Pope attack? I think, everyone had a personal reason for that.

A few years ago, we contacted Vatican about this issue and explained the truths. And, they said “We know what is the reality, ignore it, all of them are propaganda!”. Moreover, I did not like the former Pope as well. He was a Jew. You have to be at least a Christian to be a Pope, don’t you? This is the normal way (Carlos is laughing), but he was a Jew.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:36

Arafat said these words to me at a time. It has witnesses alive. He said “When we establish our state, I myself will give your Palestinian passport to you.” He said that in Beirut in 1979. Naturally, this is a symbolic issue, but it has lots of significance indeed.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:37

- Commander Carlos, what should our countries do against the crisis of capitalism today, the current economic crisis of imperialism?

Lenin wrote that imperialism was the highest phase of capitalism. This imperialism which is the highest and strongest phase of capitalism reached the destination years ago and started to descend 40 years ago. The descent of imperialism, that is to say capitalism. The economic crisis and financial crisis we confront now is the cost and result of the exploitation coming from the enrichment style in imperialist system. Capitalism might be said to have paved the way for the development of many countries in terms of its historical role, yes we can say that it developed the world. In industry, commerce, culture, communication, agricultural areas by industry for example. However, as a result for all of these, capitalists had to make some “profit”. Their aim is not “the good for all”, the aim is “the good for themselves”, and “a profit only for themselves”. A kind of selfish understanding of profit, a sin which is the ideal of capitalism. It means that a high amount of money or gold has to stay in their pocket in return for the production in this capitalist system.

At the final point where capitalism or imperialism reaches, some of them –the militant Zionists- wanted to make more money by doing nothing, just by speculating that is playing with markets instead of producing. Here, it is a mad dog situation. But there is a point people forget. Money does not disappear. Dollar is “dollar” again. It only moved from one pocket to another, that is all. Such an amount, those billion dollars could not evaporate, just some people collected it for themselves. Let me tell you something, this money is not in Mecca or in Vatican. So where is it? This money is mainly in the hands of Zionists!

Yes, we all have to understand that capitalism will not survive like that. However, it will not be completely eliminated, either. Do not forget that industry is in the hands of capitalists in the whole world.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:38

- Comrade Carlos, what do you think about the NATO summit taking place these days?

NATO has lost its mission of protecting Western Europe from Soviet army taking place for 60 years. It is done with that. In the past, Soviet army had a capacity of occupying Western Europe for 48 hours. It was the formal estimate of American and British authorities. Therefore, they established NATO in order to confront and stop Red Army. But now, Soviet Union disappeared. And NATO announced that this threat was over at the beginning of 1990s. So, what is the function of current NATO? Why and for whom do they exist? To destroy Serbia? To occupy Kosovo? The largest American base of the world is in Kosovo. Does NATO exist to turn Muslim Kosovar women into prostitutes? Are their aim is to occupy Bosnia? As if it is not enough, they are now sending soldiers to Afghanistan. What does it mean? Wasn’t NATO “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”? What are you doing then in Afghanistan while you have to be in “North Atlantic”? Where is Atlantic, where is Kabul; aren’t you aware of the distance between them? No, this situation is not acceptable.
Turkish People
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:39

The real issue I want to underline is that today very interesting and important developments are observed inside the so-called “Third World Countries”. The characteristic of these developments is the fact that the countries mentioned above support one another in economic, technological, diplomatic and other fields and share their achievements of the development point they have reached with the other countries although they are not the same ideologically. And, it is becoming possible. Especially, in terms of economy and in financial framework, the ideas of "common interest" and "cooperation" have started to be settled. As I said, this cooperation and solidarity stands as an essence beyond the ideological identities. For example, ideological qualifications of Brazil, South Africa, India and China are different from one another. However, in spite of this, these are superpower countries of their regions who can cooperate to create an economic union. If we consider China who is a global power today, this union makes the technology transfer and distribution of fine quality products in these countries possible with affordable prices. This idea of union is the start of a development for both countries and nations.

These are the initiatory steps of a development of which example has not existed in history till today. In other words, all these countries and nations who have different religions, cultures, ideologies and political systems will start a cooperation and solidarity around the idea of “common interest”. That is possible. These countries may consist of opposing qualifications some of whom are defending Communism, the other defending liberalism, the other defending Arab nationalism, or Turkish nationalism. But there is a notion of “union” developing where these differences do not pose an obstacle. This is such a progression that it has a power inside that can save the world from the attack of wild imperialist countries, North America and West.

Finally, establishing such “unions” on every corner of the world will change the balance of power, and the world will pass into a brand new phase. Their voice can be heard from every corner of the world. Think about Chavez. His words wouldn’t be taken seriously in the past. But now, his name is known all around the world, and the effect of his voice and call is felt in an infinite number of countries.

The influence of these unions realized by strengthening the diplomatic, political and economic relations is also observed clearly in the international arena. These voices are heard now in United Nations. Human Rights Commission of which headquarters is in Geneva is getting ready to call and hold Israel to account for their crimes against humanity, or rather it has to behave like that.

What I want to say is that the world started to change although it is not noticed easily. For instance, United States of America lives a shock in terms of economy and cannot behave in such a free manner to repeat her previous crimes as it was in the past. Remember that USA slaughtered three million Vietnamese by chemical and bacterial weapons.

To sum up, these steps for union taken on the level of states, organizations, governments are changing the world slowly but surely. Thanks to those guys, the nations living in the framework of so-called Third World Countries, which seem independent on documents and of which identities are not respected at all, will both progress in the direction of development by mutual diplomatic, economic and technological cooperation and will obtain their respectable positions in the world.
Turkish People
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:40

- We’ll ask you one more question Commander Carlos: what is the secret behind the United States of America’s power, in your opinion?

First of all, we have to analyse where the system of the USA come from and reach this level.

It is crucial to determine at the beginning that the roots of the United States of America are the “fundamentalist” Protestant Christians who had to run away from Great Britain to save their lives. These people reached the north of American continent and established some colonies. By fighting the Indians who had lived in the regions they arrived, they occupied their lands and started to spread all across North America slowly. They removed the Indians systematically. Furthermore, these people did not mix with the native population unlike the Spanish and Portuguese coming from Europe to South America, and saved their pure European identities. In short, they established a completely European community in North America, especially in the northeast of America. They rebelled and fought against the British throne and domination, declared their independence in 1776, and thanks to a continuous development, they reached their current military and economic power.

Indeed, it was a “European” state and community. It was a state based upon European traditions, European languages, and European tribal characteristics. Although there were elements coming from other European nations such as Dutch people, they were mainly coming from Britain and Germany. Instead of turning into “hybrid blood” communities by mixing with natives like the other Europeans going to South America, they rather created a pure European community and nationalized it. They immediately focused on technological development so that the power they established brought them victory in the wars with neighbours, and they expanded their territories.

Yes, about having such a successful progression, we can say the secret of this state and community that spread on North America lands being highly rich in terms of natural resources is the fact that they did not bring the problems of their kins' in European continent to this new place they arrived, so they interlocked with one another, and became powerful free of those burdens. Remember that while the Europe of that period was dealing with many separations, endless wars, fights among brothers, and hundreds of little states and governments on a relatively little continent like Europe, the United States of America was a unique state, unique colonial system, unique independent republic and a unique nation consisting of white European Protestants.

Such a country could surely develop, because it did not face the external dangers which could threat its presence. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, they won the battles with neighbours, they solved the border problems with Canada, they won the battles with Mexico that was not as developed as them, they owned these lands in the south which were highly rich in natural resources, and they took Florida from Spanish and Louisiana from French. Shortly, they gathered the power of Europe for themselves not in geographical but in cultural and ideological terms, but they did not take over the dangers and problems of the Western European communities, they did not have faced them. Finally, they systematized a new imperialist ideology by declaring Monroe Doctrine, that is the notion of “America is for Americans”. In accordance with this declaration, they intervened in our countries, Latin American countries, step by step, and reinforced their dominance. They attempted to occupy Nicaragua behind some commitees of private soldiers, and they tried to involve United Food Company everywhere from Equador to Mexico as the first multi-national American company by realizing the expansion strategy in South America through various ways. The other step was fighting against Spain. By means of informal private armies organized by Theodore Roosevelt, they made some arrangements, and beat the Spanish which were not as powerful as them.

At that point, an interesting event occurred in terms of Venezuelan history and culture. We were all on the side of independence of Cuba and Porto Rico at that time. Because all the remaining states of Latin America had already gained their idependence from Spanish colonists after bloody battles. During that period, a Venezuelan colonel who became a general after that, that great man, Rafael de Nogales Mendez, fought against the United States in Cuba on the side of the Spanish. This move was not for the fact that he was opposed to the independence of Cuba, or he had a consent that they would live under Spanish domination, but to stop the threat and imperialism of the United States which was coming close to Venezuela and other Latin American countries at the front. He saw that Spanish domination was temporary at that period, felt that the real threat was coming from the United States, and wanted to prevent Cuba from being a colony of the United States. And again this great man, General Rafael de Nogales Mendez, joined the side of the Ottoman army in the First World War, and fought with the Turkish shoulder to shoulder. He battled as commander in defending the province of Van. Then he was appointed as an administrator for Baghdad and fought against the British. That Venezuelan hero fought against American and Western imperialism everytime and predicted the coming danger. He fought against the Western imperialism in the Spanish army against the United States army, in the Ottoman army against the British and French invaders.

The awareness of imperialism and fighting it in every front-line, and for today the awareness of fighting against the United States and Anglo-saxon imperialism, is a consciousness and tradition inherited for us, Venezuelans, from our ancestors. And I am the last representative of this international anti-imperialist fighting spirit.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:41

I read some news that a synagogue in Kyrgyzstan's capital city Bishkek had been attacked. As I said before, synagogues, churches and all mosques are “sacred” places. We don’t have permisson to attack these places unless they are used as enemy bases. For example, remember those synagogues attacked in Istanbul which were used as bases by MOSSAD, these were not attacked for their being synagogues but for their being “MOSSAD base”. I don’t know the usage purpose of the synagogue in Bishkek, but the attack on sacred sites just used for prayers can never be approved. Furthermore, attacks on synagogues used for prayers is just a gift for Zionist movement. Because they use such kind of attacks as an excuse, and can persuade the public opinion about the fact that the Jewish need a secure place, in this case, which is Israel. I hope what I mean is understood.

I will end up after I say something about a recent event. An Evangelical pastor in Florida, Terry Jones had declared that he would burn a Koran with his own group today (September 11, 2010) with the aim of protesting the construction of a mosque in Manhattan, near Twin Towers which had been hit on September 11th years ago. Then they gave up.

We shouldn’t forget that, the Books and sacred writings of every religion have to be respected only for the reason that there are believers although we don't believe in their authenticity. You can criticize them in an approriate way, but you can’t humiliate or disregard them.

Therefore, we have to avoid providing excuses for imperialists or zionists who play games on it. These can be sacred books, sacred writings or sacred sites; it is not true to attack things that are used for religious purposes. As you see, even that fool pastor got afraid and they made him give up his idea as they saw what kind of consequences they would face. It is crucial to be careful about these things. I hope you can understand my intention.
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:41

A few days ago a scandal burst out in Palestine. My comrade Farouk Kaddoumi made an explanation about the people who were associated with the murder of Martyr Arafat, and he put the blame on Mohammed Dahlan and Mahmoud Abbas whom he claimed to participate in this complot he declared. This is a very delicate issue, and requires some assessments to be made, in my opinion.

On top of all, Arafat died after a very serious illness. Moreover, it wasn’t a natural death; he was poisoned. French authorities tried to cure Arafat, but they couldn’t. They applied the possible best treatment for him, but they weren’t successful at saving his life. They did not make an obvious or formal explanation about how and why he died. They didn’t want to. However, the implication of this behaviour turned the death of Arafat into a suspectful death. It is important to say that France does not have any association with the death of Arafat, they are not responsible for this. Arafat was in close relationship with France, their relations were good. In short, they tried everything possible to save his life.

Anyway, the situation in Palestine is very critical now. I had told you something about al-Fatah on the phone a few months ago. I told you that al-Fatah was an organization consisting of all kinds of Palestinians as the historical representative of Palestinian people. You can find every kind of person here from Muslim Brotherhood to Maoists, so al-Fatah has become the biggest organization in Palestine. It was open to everybody. Arafat was originally from Muslim Brotherhood and came there from Cairo, Egypt where he was born. Abu Iyad who was one of the founders of al-Fatah and Abu Jihad who was killed by Israel in Tunisia were from Muslim Brotherhood. And another founder coming from Kuwait was not among the Muslim brothers but among Arab nationalists. This person was responsible of representing the diplomatic branch of Palestinian resistance and he was making diplomatic negotiations around the world on behalf of Palestinian people. In other words, he was actually foreign affairs minister of Palestinian resistance. This person is Farouk Kaddoumi, that is “Abu al-Lutf”. He is the one who blamed Abbas and his clique of “assassination of Arafat”.

Now, why do I need to highlight this different identity or ideological origin between al-Fatah founders and Farouk Kaddoumi? Because of that: Muslim Brotherhood felt themselves closer to the United States of America rather than Soviet Union due to some ideological reasons. Because the USSR, essentially and formally had the qualification of an “atheist” regime. Therefore, Arafat and other al-Fatah founders were closer to the USSR not because of this qualification of regime but because of some strategical reasons. Because they needed the weapon, training and intelligence support of the USSR for military and strategical purposes. That is also why it was claimed that Arafat was directed by the ambassador of the USSR to Lebanon as the excuse of some Israeli attacks organized against Arafat to kill him.

However, in spite of all these things, the feelings were on the side of the USA. I tried to explain why above. Anti-American attitudes observed in the Arab world today are very new, and reflects the disturbance about the USA’s governments’ supporting Zionist policies. If we go back to the past, although Arafat was close to the USSR at a period of time, he did not close all the doors to the USA which was the leading supporter of Israel. He searched for strategical ways to use the USA for the good of Palestinian cause. After the collapse of the USSR, this way became more visible and Arafat’s following such a political way made Israel so much worried. Because the leading threat was Arafat for Israel, and a Palestine Liberation Organization which could take the support of the USA and could legalize the liberation cause of Palestine at international stage was much more dangerous for Israel than “fedai” organizations like anti-American PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). Is it a treachery what Arafat did? Definitely no. It was a political line that intersected with other ideological and historical goals and what Israel did not like. It became so disturbing that Palestine cause was in the hand of Arafat, so he needed to be eliminated. And the ones who would do that would be the “CIA/al-Fatah” group and the traitors like Mohammed Dahlan. Dahlan was a person who could go to the West Bank or Gaza or Telaviv by plane whenever he wanted with his heavily armed guards, but the others could not do that.

Although Arafat seemed close to the USA, he was not ready to leave Palestine in a way that Israel demanded. He never consented to sign anything under such compromises, and this was a sufficient reason for the clique trained by CIA to eliminate him. This was a group which was much more hostile to Arafat than Israel or the USA. That’s why they cooperated with Israel to kill Arafat. If Farouk Kaddoumi can put such a heavy blame on these people today, he surely must have enough data to prove it. I’m in prison now and I don’t have the opportunity to confirm or contradict the things remotely or criticize the evidence thoroughly. But again, if a reliable person who is an Arab nationalist, radically Baath supporter, ideologically anti-American, and has never got involved in covert cooperations with America like others says these words, it means the situation is really serious.

I would like to add another thing: It was surely Farouk Kaddoumi who had to be leader after the death of Arafat since he was the chief of Palestine Liberation Organization. What happened and Mahmoud Abbas took over the administration? It is full of crucial question marks. Moreover, Palestine does not only consist of the lands we know today, there are much larger “historical” Palestine lands, and there is a very big Palestinian community living out of Palestine. Kaddoumi is the legal leader of all these people as the leader of Palestine Liberation Organization and the resistance, and he had to be the formal government leader. However, Mahmoud Abbas who governs Palestinians in a narrow area took over the power. We have to see the trick under that. He is the representative of a minority today. And, it is also an important point to consider that after the death of Arafat in France, the medical report prepared by French doctors was given to this group of authorities, in other words, pseudo authorities of Palestinian government.

I believe that the clarifications should be made in a political framework among Muslims. Violance should be used only for Israel and Zionist allies. And, I think the members of that clique should be eliminated in this way. They shall leave Palestine and live in the USA as refugees. If they won’t, then they shall pay for their crimes against Palestinian cause. After Mahmoud Abbas’s signing the treaty in Oslo, we are compromising Islam and with enemies of Islam. These have to be investigated. These are extremely disturbing.

Everything in the Middle East was left to supposedly good will of the USA. After Abbas’s signature in Washignton, all the doors were opened for him around the world, he can go wherever he wants, but the same doors are wanted to be closed for the independent future of Palestine. Before the assassination of Arafat organized by them, you know that in what conditions he resisted in Ramallah after he was surrounded by Israeli commandos and isolated from the world. Arafat told me in Beirut, in 1979, holding my hands: “I have a single aim: liberating at least one square meter of these Palestinian lands one day and placing our flag!”. Where is Arafat, where are the supporters of him now? Only Kaddoumi did not surrender to America and the others, and he is the only legitimate leader of the legal Al-Fatah, Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian people. This right has been extortioned from him.

I was sad about the clashes between Hamas and al-Fatah in the past, but now I’m thinking: Did Hamas have no other alternative?
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:42

What the hell are these bazaar attacks in Iraq? The enemy is not in bazaars but in consulates, ministries, American and NATO bases. Therefore, the targets are invading powers and collaborating traitors. The enemy is not the people going to bazaars to buy food for their families. It is not the point exploding yourself in crowded places. These acts are wrong. I have seen the hand of a Saudi woman who exploded herself, poor for everybody. I have known Wahhabi revolutionists, real Wahhabis, and there are real al-Qaeda members. They do not approve these things, they shouldn’t, and I’m sure, they won’t. It is wrong.
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:43

It is the time of a “humanity” lesson. When the USA lost the Vietnam war in a humiliating way, the power of the USA in the world started to go downwards. When they were kicked out of this country where they behaved extremely cruelly towards Vietcong guerillas and massacred them who weren’t as powerful as them, look what happened later: Vietcong guerillas did not execute any of the collaborators after the victory, not even one. On the contrary, they took them all to the camps to reintegrate them into the society. When it comes to the criminals, they imprisoned them for a few years. In short, they did not commit any crimes such as cruelty, torture, rape, massacre like the way Americans had done. “Humanity” lesson, “civilization” lesson is given in that way!

Nevertheless, it is obvious what the USA, Zionists and their allies do: they do not recognize any laws; neither ethical, nor international. And, they do not respect them. The first part of their so-called holy words “supremacy of law and order”, “law” is just a word, but only the second part is true: what they want is to establish the supremacy of their “order”. If the point is to establish an order, yes, it is true: Even the Nazis had an order!
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:44

If you allow me, I want to share some of my ideas thanks to the martyrdom operation realized in Afghanistan, which resulted in killing many CIA agents.

What happened in Afghanistan is that CIA's target for another thing came and hit them like a boomerang. They attempted to use our martyr, but they were used.

That kind of great operations against upper-level CIA agents has been the third in history.
It was first seen during the operation of destroying American embassy in Beirut. The Islamic Jihad Organization realized that. Among many people died in the embassy, there were all CIA leaders based in the Middle East.

The second one was the Lockerbie event in which a plane was made to explode with a bomb. Here, the target was deviated again and turned against themselves. CIA and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agents were trapped and died by breaking into pieces with the plane.

And now this was the third operation which was realized by our Jordanian martyr in Afghanistan. Today I will talk about this, but first I want to remind you of something.

We had a warrior in PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine). He was a brave and handsome Palestinian. But, he liked girls so much, he had such a weakness. Unfortunately, his girlfriend in Beirut turned out to be a CIA agent. This girl was inviting him to some places in order to introduce him to CIA agents. He came and informed PFLP about that. He stated that CIA had contacted him and he had an opportunity to serve as a double agent. Unfortunately, Dr. Wadie Haddad did not accept that offer and they executed him in South Yemen. We have such a sad memory about this comrade. I did not participate in the trial of this comrade, but it was a sad event. Then he was buried on a mountain in South Yemen.

When we look at the event of today, in this operation realized in Khost province near Pakistan border, we see that Jordan Intelligence Service’s chief who was killed by the martyr mujahid together with the CIA agents was a member of the Royal House of Jordan, and this is a seriously worrying situation. Moreover, he was a descendant of the Prophet. Jordan which had struggled to liberate Palestine is now an active collaborator of CIA which is attacking the mujahids in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:48

First of all, I want to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr of all the Muslims and I send them my sincere and revolutionary regards.

After that, there is good news I want to talk about today. But it also includes a negative side. The president of the USA, Barack Obama, declared that they gave up placing weapon systems in Eastern Europe which would be a shield against Iran’s nuclear missile threat. Anyway, it was just a foolishness of Bush and his “new conservative” cohorts. The weapon systems against missiles were planned to be directly turned towards Russia first, and of course Russia would turn their weapon systems towards Europe. It would not be just Europe that Russia would turn against. As a response to this hostile attitude, they had already started to move in order to place their strategic missiles and bombardment systems in their bases in the Atlantic Ocean and Carrebeans, naturally in Cuba again and in Venezuela firstly in its history. Therefore, they would reinforce their relationships with progressive regimes in Latin America. The current Obama government felt the necessity to step back when they noticed that this “new conservatist” foolishness had been turned against them. By the way, why would Iran send nuclear missiles to America? Isn’t it clear: if Iran did so, such kind of behavior would be an invitation to its own destruction even though Iran does not have such a missile yet? What a comedy!

It should be determined first: Iran achieved an anti-imperialist, anti-zionist popular revolution which embraced all the world’s revolutionists at the beginning. But in a short period of time, Iraq was made to attack Iran and all these revolutionary movements were stopped. A process started in Iran where hundreds of thousands of people sacrificed themselves for their homeland while some were taking the advantage of war. The revolutionist Iran started to be corrupted, the hollow-hearted people got the power. It had been going like this for years but one day a war veteran who had never been in that corrupted order has come out and was elected as president. And now, Iran has stood up and been renewed with its revolutionary identity under the power of this man. Moreover, he established close relationships with revolutionary regimes within “Third World Countries”. If we go back to the beginning, what happened and America needed to stop this stupid move to confront Russia with the excuse of missile defence systems?

First of all, America is looking for a way to negotiate and ally with these “moderate” Islamists in Iran like he is trying to ally with “moderate” Taliban. What is “moderate” for them is of course the ones who are not anti-imperialist and revolutionist but the ones who are open for corruption and illegality, the ones who want to live with imperialism by overthrowing Ahmadinejad, who are dreaming of diminishing the “media” restraint on Iran in this way, and the ones who are struggling with the ambition of making money along with the contracts they will obtain.

If you ask me, -it is my analysis!- America is playing a clever game here. It is a game the people on the streets cannot determine but only the professional revolutionists can notice although it is quite obvious. It is: Iranian people like Americans traditionally. I’m not saying that they like American government, ideology or politics, this is a different point; but all the Iranian people, rightist or leftist, is a community which has been “emphatized” with American people, stemming from the history. So what is the subtlety here?

It should be taken into account that a war aginst Iran is not possible. Of course, Iran cannot declare war against America; but for example, just after the first attack to Iran from Israel, Iran has the capacity to destroy all the enemy bases around the Gulf by sending ten thousands of short, intermediate and long range rockets and missiles. Therefore, America is trying to create an Iran which is not an enemy but an ally in this region by smiling at some collaborators calling themselves Islamists in a clever manner. It tries to collapse the current regime in Iran with the help of its collaborators having Islamist colors.

Yes, America needs an ally having Islamist colors in the region, but a great ally. Then what about Turkey? Turkey is great as well, but when Turkey joined NATO, Turkey became weaker in the region. Now think about the value of a both Islamic and Shia country for America. They prefer Shia since the main threat for America is stemming from Sunnis who make up ninety percent of Muslims. If large or small many countries such as Wahhabi Saudi Arabia which was invented by British colonialism has been used as a tool for imperialism, why not accept an Islamist Iran based on Iranian bourgeoisie, bankers and a religious elite minority associated with them? Of course, the role of such an Iran will be blocking revolutionary powers and states which are the real dangers, for example stopping certain movements that stand out in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As in the era of Shah, Iran will be demanded to perform the duty of Western and American alliance but with an Islamist color this time. Additionally, this kind of Iran will be able to prevent the current Iraq governed by Shia traitors from becoming an Islamist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist, anti-zionist and nationalist regime.

The imperialists know that the “manufactured” countries, emirates etc in the region from Kuwait to Oman are doomed to collapse and now they can only stand thanks to the support of the West. These are the states which are not Islamic and can only dominate their people by force of arms. All these regimes manufactured by the West can only be overthrown at any moment by those so-called “radical”, “fundamentalist”, “Islamist” groups. Therefore, America does not want to live with such a risk forever. Amerika who is defending so-called “democracy” everywhere cannot see how this external support will work in the future while trying to save those so-called “Islamist” dictatorships here. On top of all, they see that despite all their supports, anti-American and anti-zionists movements are undermining these so-called “Sunni” regimes day by day. Then who can prevent this progress? Of course, a Shia Iran considered as Islamist would be fine. They can even allow such a collaborating Iran that is the enemy of Sunnis to be a nuclear power.

To cut a long story short, the game is big. Think now, why did some Zionists and image builders support Obama? These men are not from the old Jewish breed, they are really shrewd and sneaky people. These are the people searching for solutions sneakily instead of using the old-fashioned styles or talking about “Massacre”, so they are the most dangereous type of enemy.

Turkey is the only country that can spoil this game in the region and prevent her own interests and population from being destroyed. That can be achieved only by having a certain group following the required political line with delicacy and leading revolutionary powers. I don’t want to limit myself to a single person in this respect, but Commander Salih Mirzabeyoglu and the advocates of IBDA are the leading group in Turkey that can realize this mission. It is not only stopping such kind of Iran, but also preventing our world, humanity and community from being destroyed under American imperialism and Zionism.
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:49

Americans say that they have to win in Afghanistan. However, the real target is obviously Pakistan. Because, Pakistan is the only Islamic country having nuclear power. Now, there are both Americans and Israelis in Pakistan, they are waiting ready to intervene in a possible Islamic revolution and overthrow this leadership and take over the control of nuclear weapons. They have been getting ready for that for years. In Pakistan and within Pakistani military bases, both American soldiers under the American flag and Israeli commandos under the same flag have been deployed to be ready for that. I think, they will try to destabilize Pakistan and divide it into different republics and appoint corrupted elements like Zardari as leader. By weakening it by those small republics, they will take over the rigth to use the atomic bombs. Pakistan is a nuclear power and it is doubtless that they won’t allow this.

You know that even today they are bombing Pakistani territories every single day. What is that? Isn’t Pakistan an American ally? So what does all this mean?
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:50

It is not possible to make telephone calls easily now unlike it was in the past. All the numbers I called in the past have been blocked except for my lawyers and Venezuelan Embassy. I can’t call even my mother. It is due to the order directly given by the French president. It is definetely contradictory to their so-called democracy and free speech right which is guaranteed by laws. But I always say that: If there are illegal things within the subjects I’m talking, you shall try me in court, that is, if I’m guilty, you shall punish me, but you cannot take away my right to express my thoughts.
Turkish People
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Feb 19, 2011, 05:51

China does not have a policy of dominating other countries or expanding its borders. This is a historical reality. And this situation is not limited only to the “republican” era of China. It has been the case, from the past to the present, for a long period of time. Whereas the common attitude is that the powerful ones always exploit the weakest ones and colonize them. It is the usual approach. However, China has never exploited Iraq, Africa or Latin America. China does not have military bases anywhere. China has known to respect all the other countries in international relationships.
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:52

Today is August 15, 2009. August 15 is also the date of a religious fest which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the half of the world. And for me, today is the fifteenth anniversary of my kidnapping from Sudan by illegal ways and bringing to an air base in Paris by a private plane and putting into a special custody center in a lawless way. This illegal operation and kidnapping was performed not only by French but also by American and Israeli secret service agents.

There was a completely illegal act not only according to the judicial systems of the countries involved in the operation but also according to the formal regulations and laws of European Union and United Nations, and many discussions have been made about this illegal aspect of this operation. The problem is the fact that citizens from different countries are treated in different ways and all these are explained in the framework of “international law” although those explanations are completely different from one another.

I will give you an example about intervening in the other countries’ domestic law: After the opposing party leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma was visited by some American authorities, things changed and the process ended up this way: That woman leader would be sentenced to home confinement although she was demanded to be released. I want this political leader to be set free but if you imagine that the same kind of visit from abroad and intervention was realized by an Islamic country authority for an opposing party leader or a politician of a Western country, you could see what kind of reaction you would take.

Another example for this double standard is what happened to my prison neighbour. He is an Iranian. My friend Ali who performed active struggle for the Iranian revolution at that time has been in prison for 18 years lawlessly due to many groundless and distorted accusations, and nobody says anything. He is a political person, but he is not among the ones gaining million dollars from revolution unlike the others, he is a real hero. Of course, there is no Western country or "international law" to defend his rights. Since those kinds of heroes, militants or warriors who devoted their lives and everything to the liberation of their countries are seen not as "heroes" but as "threats" by the great political powers of the world and secret services, all the security forces and diplomats of these countries are against them. Therefore, they undergo a period of suffering in prisons all around the world. For example, in French prisones, there are still Muslim or Christian Lebanese warriors. Their captivity has lasted 20 years. Furthermore, they cannot get their rights because of the constraints of the United States of America.

And I have been here for 15 years. What happened 15 years ago?

I was living under the supervision and guard of some 60 Sudanese secret service officers, commuting from hospital to the villa I stayed in. Our movements were restricted. And we were using this opportunity and we could go around in this limited place. They were protecting us from foreign secret services working in Khartoum. I noticed them, too. And we were living under a protection shield together with Osama bin Laden, Abu Nidal and Imad Mugniye. And, one day, when I opened my eyes, I found myself before CIA and French secret service authorities in France. They had sold me. Who were responsible?

It happened in the period of Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, the political leader of Sudan. Turabi spent a big part of his life in prison or home confinement after I had been betrayed. The other responsible one was Omar al-Bashir, the leader of Sudan’s regime, the “wanted” man of today. I expressed previously that I don’t believe in “international law”, “international justice”, “international courts”. For this reason, I support Sudanese people’s and government’s not accepting the decision taken against al-Bashir by “International Criminal Court” and Sudan’s struggle for their judicial independence, and I send my good wishes to all Sudanese people. I support here not the president personally but the institution of presidency and judicial independence of a country. At this point, no foreign intervention is accepted. The terminology of “massacre” they use is totally Jewish based and trying to cover the plans of imperialism for Sudan.

I went to Sudan in August 1993 by a Sudan Airways plane that took off from Amman. Some international revolutionists and my Palestinian ex-wife Lana Jarrar were with me. She was studying at university in Damascus to be a dentist the following year. She descends from a family of Ottoman aristocracy. She is the granddaughter of Ethem Bey. She came to France without feeling any fear after I had been brought here, and searched for my situation asking the judicial authorities. She struggled for organizing my defense team, visited me in prison and provided all my needs like clothes and so forth, which was a tragic story.

Anyway, while coming to Sudan from Jordan, Sudan's minister of foreign affairs of that time was in that plane, too. My friends from Jordanian secret service accompanied me with their cars. These friends of mine were the people who supported all our struggle within PFLP in the past, agreed with our ideas and tolerated our living in Jordan, under the permisson and support of King Hussein. They were even supporting Abu Davoud who had organized Munih Olympics Operation in 1972. Leila Khaled had the same kind of support. We were invited to Jordan from Damascus. Because, it was the period when father George Bush was about to start the operation towards Kuwaiti territory which had been occupied by Iraq. It was the end of 1990 and just after Bush’s meeting with Hafez al-Assad. Bush wanted him to throw us away from Syria. In the list, the first name was Ahmed Jibril, the second was Abu Nidal and the third one was me. And, it was actually me who was living in Damascus. Abu Nidal and Jibril were the people who had some places to go and had permanent resident status in Syria. In fact, the first name in the list was me, so I had to leave Syria.

It is a fact that the situation not for me but for all the Muslims is that: If you’re a real Muslim, there isn’t any “international” law in favor of you. Also, you’re a revolutionist, you’re against the imperialist oppression and its foundations and you’re ready to die for your cause, which is you’re a person having principles. When this is the case, you are never respected by states, laws or press; you are not valuable in the “international” arena. If you don’t have such kind of principles, or if they are corrupted, if you say “okay” for the price determined for you, it is obvious that all the doors will be opened to you. From this point of view, I’m a person who was wanted to be bought by even the United States of America through being offered great amounts of money. I rejected all of them whatever would be the cost for me. In short, a Muslim does not have any equality before the law.

I’m not seen as an ordinary prisoner and I know that I will be killed one day. Many people want me to be destroyed and are looking forward to that day (Carlos is laughing while saying these words), but I still survive as a “living martyr”, I continue my struggle which I’m proud of and I will go on being an example, encouraging the others for resistance. However, the more clever and efficient way for me is to spread and organize the experiences. “Freedom" means returning back to the struggle for the people like us. Of course, struggles have different means, that is, weapons are not everything. A person who has been in prison for years do not need to take up arms again as soon as he becomes free. He has other jobs to do where he can be more efficient like providing the other fronts of the struggle with his experiences, or organizing new revolutions. This is Venezuela for me: supporting the revolution of Venezuela which is the “engine" of the liberation of Latin America and Carrebeans like the role Cuba played in the past.
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:52

You’ll remember, last week, nearly all the Western media stormed over how Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was supposedly the murderer of nearly 300 people in the plane crash after a "terrorist" bomb attack over Lockerbie town in Scotland on December 21, 1988, could be set free. And, they protested about his being saluted in his own country as a hero who they thought was a murderer.

Firstly, I would like to say that Libyan government does not have any connection with this event. Neither Libya nor Libyans were involved in this event from the beginning to the end. It is not a groundless defense, it is the definite truth. Indeed, neither Qaddafi likes me nor I like him. Because he was not honest and supportive to me. Do not think that I’m on the side of Libya as a favor. I'm just trying to express the truth for me. I’m on the side of Libya on this issue since all the Libyan people were attacked under the pretext of Lockerbie with prejudice.

First of all, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi who was imprisoned as the responsible one for this event was the security chief of Tripoli Airport. And, from diplomats to official representatives whoever came to Libya know him like I saw him many times when I was coming to or leaving Libya because he was the one organizing security there.

Similarly, al-Amin Khalifa Fhimah who was tried together with al-Megrahi in Lahey did not have any connection with this event. He was a station manager for Libyan Arab Airlines at Luqa Airport, Malta. After the judicial process, they let him go back to Libya as his innocence was proved.

But, why was Abdelbaset al-Megrahi given a hero’s welcome when he landed in Libya? He was welcomed like that because he is really a hero, a real hero!

This can be asked: Why did Libya admit that they had responsibility for this event? They did so since they noticed that FBI's evidence that was just "invented" and full of nonsensical things would probably be a pretext for an American attack against Libya. In order to stop this, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi accepted to be tried in Lahey for of a crime he had never committed. He sacrificed all his life for the sake of Libya, for the good of Ummah and for this duty given by Libyan government. I think, he is a person to be respected by Ummah for his unique bravery. Libya’s being a tribal state cannot overshadow the greatness of this self-sacrifice. You know, since he was seriously ill, he was sent to his country. Although this can be seen as the primary reason for setting him free, another reason behind his release is that Scottish Criminal Justice had new evidence that Libyans were not connected with the bombs used in the attack.

Did the USA not know who and which countries actually organized this operation? Of course, they did. They knew that Libya or Libyans were not responsible, and they also knew the countries behind the attack, but America was afraid of confronting and fighting them. Therefore, they tried to respond by assailing and accusing Libya. At last, Libya got rid of them by sacrificing those heroes and unfortunately by accepting to pay a huge amount of compensation, that is, three billion dollars.

The Scottish lawyer Eddie McKechnie who had defended these Libyans in Lahey is my lawyer as well. In 2003, he came from Scotland only to visit me in prison. I told him about everything I knew about this issue. We talked from morning till evening and I sent my greetings to his Libyan clients thanks to him.

To underline this issue again, I swear that Libya is not responsible for this attack. Besides, although the USA knew this truth better than anybody, they made up a story and laid the blame at Libya’s door. Because, it was against their interests to talk about the truth. Why? Because, there were high-ranking intelligence officers from the CIA station in the Middle East on that plane, and they all died. Those agents were manipulating some drug smugglers and having covert relationships with them for intelligence and other operations. It was a complicated issue for America which could not be explained. What’s more, the USA was one of the responsible ones of the incident. They were used by the men who they had wanted to make use of and were trapped due to their foolishness. But I want to say something, if Libya can press for the issue in a clever way, not only will the crimes of the USA come to the fore, but also Libya will be able to get back the three billion dollars paid as compensation. This crime of the USA is not only against Libya, but also against all of humanity. It is an unheard-of justice scandal and a political complot organized shamelessly. That’s what I can say about this issue.
Turkish People
The author of this petition


Feb 19, 2011, 05:53

- We would like to ask you a question: within the framework of Imperialism and Zionism, who is the new president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and what is his role, in your opinion?

I want to tell you something: I have a sympathy, a personal sympathy for this man’s personality. In what way? He belongs to a lower class family and has an African father. He struggles to complete his education. He speaks smartly. He becomes a president in such a country which I have known as racist since my childhood. In terms of these, he has some characteristics I like. First of all, he will take the light of minorities, different colored minorities, different races to the White House. It is obvious. But, in terms of strategic and historical approach, the light of American imperialism will not change. The one who can change that is not Obama, of course.

Besides, who moved Obama there? Surely, the votes of the citizens of the United States of America, Americans. When we get an up-close look at the donations made during the presidental campaign, we can see that he got more financial aid than any other nominees. Moreover, he rejected the formal, treasury aid from the state. Then who was there behind? It is not difficult to answer: Wall Street, zionists, politicians. These are the ones who agree with Bush’s basic policies but want to get rid of the rubbish he left.

Bush was a supporter of Zionism more than anybody in the history of the USA, but at the same time, he was the most narrow-minded and corrupted one. Therefore, they found the formula of bringing Obama who is a good orator, a handsome man, speaks smartly, has a high level of English knowledge, can represent the image of America around the world in the best way, can perfectly represent American people and in whom everybody finds a part of themselves. Obama was elected because Bush and the criminals around him were burdens to be got rid of. That’s why Zionists supported Obama. Obama was elected due to the fact that he had a capability to modernize the public opinion.

Where did the donations he got come from? Some of them came from ordinary American citizens in little amounts like 5 or 20 dollars, but the significant part came from the big companies in Wall Street and Zionists as I said. These people thought that they could use Obama much more efficiently than an idiot like Bush, and could perform this in a much more subtle way compared to the previous president. Who is the secretary of Obama in the White House? Rahm Emanuel! A fundementalist rightist who devoted himself to his cause, a professional politician.

In short, I don’t suppose that the historical line of the United States of America will change. According to this line, Obama has to be an imperialist power. Although it is said to be for the interests of American community, he has to be ready to commit every kind of crime for the interests of American companies. Therefore, this side of the situation will not change. Maybe, these acts will be realized not in a foolish but in a more subtle and smart way, but as I expressed before, Obama will not change America.

By the way, there is a very polite letter I wrote which includes a clear question. I’m touching a very tangible point. You have secret and illegal prisons, don’t you? So where are the prisoners of them? What does it mean? We want a simple answer? Where are they? Do they exist, or not? Do you understand?

If we can have an affirmative answer for this, things will be more accurate and this person will do something significant. If we don’t get such an answer, it will be definite that he can do nothing. Actually, he can’t do since he is not that free to decide such things.

- I see. Then you say that Obama is the new face of imperialism and Zionism.

I don’t want to be misunderstood. Obama is a figure here, the essential thing is the American policy. My personal sympathy is not for his policy but for his personal story. In other words: a person having a black skin, mixed blood and coming from lower class. What really allures me is that although he is not from the ruling elite class, it is a great effort and success story of a person who became able to join this upper class through his intelligence, hardworking style and rhetoric.

What kind of a secret agenda can Obama have? The ruling class would immediately kill him if he had. Do you understand? Think about John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Was he a revolutionist? No. Anti-Zionist? Definetely not. Or terrorist? Of course not, on the contrary, he was the enemy of “terrorists”. But what did he do? He attempted to make regulations on his own initiative about the problem between the United States of America and Cuba, which would be against the interests of the elite class and big companies. They signed his death warrant, and killed him without hesitation. We have to assess Obama in that way. He will be killed if he attempts to deviate from the settled principles in American politics, that’s all.

- In our country (Turkey) or other countries, the collaborators of Imperialism and Zionism have been propagating in the media that Obama is a “human rights” hero. They are telling lies about Obama.

Listen, please. These words are all rubbish. I have to say something to the people who are talking about human rights that my whole life has been full of struggle for human rights. We primarily fought for human rights! The problem here is not that. Using the cliché of human rights is a rude simplification towards ordinary people. It is an immorality. There isn’t any other country on Earth that slaughtered more people than the United States of America. They have been killing for 200 years while the Nazis were in power only for 12 years and the number they killed is limited to this period. Then they are talking about human rights. I will tell you something: I sincerely believe that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, but the practice of that in the world is completely opposite.